Polkazeck is the world’s first decentralized cross staking platform with cashback and governance!

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Governance Token

We are totally instigated to build an open-source platform where everyone can contribute and raise their voices. This type of governance will provide the community a voice to determine how decisions are being and implemented in the project. Through this system, all holders could be assisted to build the present and future decision making of the project.


To get globally recognized and connect the dots between users across the globe, we employ the cross-staking alternative based on community. Cross-staking is a unique pattern of rewarding investors that staked on our platform to have the opportunity to receive staking rewards. Different currencies, such as BTC, USDT, ETH, and DOT will be available for rewards.

Deflationary Mechanism

Digital currency market has always been dynamic and unpredictable. To prevent the worst scenario which triggers the longevity of the token supply, Polkazeck smart contract will contain core deflationary mechanism. It is helpful in reducing the supply of tokens in circulation, which will give an ultimate scarcity of ZCK tokens. In the end, this mechanism is expected to give a major impact on the token price on the long run.

Cashback System

Polkazeck's project team realized how people are urged to gain more and spend less. Hence, we apply the cashback mechanism as the most efficient and attractive way to facilitate everyone's needs. We are also urged to bring users to their expected outcome as the firsttimer token holders. The mechanism of the cashback program will be elaborated later.

Token Economics

Polkazeck produces the ZCK ticker with a maximum supply of up to 162,000,000. It is allocated to the following portions.

Max. supply : up to 162,000,000 ZCK

Presale: 20%

32,400,000 ZCK tokens of the total supply will be provided for the upcoming presale.

Marketing: 20%

32,400,000 of the total ZCK token supply will be minted for marketing purposes.

Ecosystem: 35%

56,700,000 of the total ZCK token supply are allocated to establish Polkazeck's ecosystem.

Team: 10%

16,200,000 ZCK tokens will be minted for the team in a certain period after launching.

Liquidity: 10%

16,200,000 ZCK tokens are provided for liquidity under the project team's concession.

Reserve: 5%

A total of 8,100,000 or 5% of the token supply will be regarded for the reserve.